Function Venues: From Elegance to Creativity, Crafting Your Ideal Event Space

10 May 2024

There are so many details to look after, such as what you’re going to do about food, decorations, seating and the venue itself, as well as many other factors.

Function Venues: From Elegance to Creativity, Crafting Your Ideal Event Space

Planning any event, whether an elegant wedding or a creative party, involves many decisions that’ll shape your function. You’ll want to be diligent, careful and thoughtful when you craft your ideal event space so that your special day perfectly fits your vision. 

A Few Tips For Creating Your Perfect Event

Once you really start to think about what it takes to put on an amazing event, you’ll realise just how complex and potentially overwhelming it can be. There are so many details to look after, such as what you’re going to do about food, decorations, seating and the venue itself, as well as many other factors. 

When organising your event, these tips can help you stay on track:

Choose The Perfect Venue. What’s a fantastic event without a gorgeous, picturesque backdrop? Consider venues that meet your and your guests’ needs, such as venues that are in a good location so that everyone can reach it in time for your event. The space you choose should also have enough space for all of your guests, but it shouldn’t be too big, as that can make your event feel empty and unfinished. 

Define Your Event’s Purpose And Theme. What works for a wedding may not work for a child’s birthday party, so you’ll want to define the purpose and theme of your special day before you choose things like decorations or food. Are you going for an elegant, formal affair? Or is your night going to be more like a casual gathering? Is there a specific theme, colour palette or vibe that you like?

Create A Realistic Budget. Parties of any kind can get expensive, and having a budget will help you only purchase or rent what you can afford. Think about your event type, goals and other relevant factors when establishing your budget.

Explore Venue Amenities And Services. Always look at the amenities and services that are offered by your venue, they may be the key to making your event a moment to remember. We recommend looking to see if there are any specific packages that could be perfect for your needs.

For example, here at The Brigham, we have an array of enticing packages that may interest you. From general functions to Christmas parties, we have something for everyone. 

Don’t Forget The Food. Food can really make or break a party. Delicious culinary delights can give your guests something to enjoy while they mingle with others or take in the lovely atmosphere of the venue. At The Brigham, we’re proud to present our clients with plenty of interesting and delectable options included with our packages. 

Decorate Like A Pro. When choosing and setting up decorations, keep your desired theme in mind, and try to get an appropriate amount of decor for your venue's size. Think about things like wall hangings and table centrepieces so that your venue can perfectly match your event without making the space feel cluttered or overcrowded. 

When choosing your decor, make sure you contact your venue so you know if there are any kinds of decor that aren’t allowed. For example, certain types of candles may be prohibited, as they can be dangerous and lead to outbreaks of fire. 

Ensure Your Event Is Safe And Accessible. Overall, no matter what kind of function you’re planning, do your best to make sure everything is safe and accessible for your guests. Be sure you speak to your venue’s staff about any safety regulations you should adhere to, such as not blocking emergency exits. Your event should be welcoming and safe for all of your guests.

Embrace Versatility And Creativity. Don’t be afraid to get imaginative. If you have a fun or creative idea, explore it and see if it goes somewhere. While not all ideas will pan out, some may help your event be unique and more memorable. 

For example, ideas like beautiful backdrops where people can take photos together, custom LED signs and personalised centrepieces are all fun ways to add some flair to your event. 

Trust Your Instincts. Ultimately, trust your instincts. Every event is unique and special, and there are so many different ways in which you can make yours stand out. If something feels right and meets your budget and safety requirements, it may be a great pick for your event. 

If you’re struggling to make decisions on your own, consider getting help from a friend or family member. 

Making Your Next Event One To Remember

Whether planning a corporate conference or a vibrant anniversary party, we at The Brigham are prepared to accommodate you and help you turn your ideas into reality. Our gorgeous Auckland venue has acted as the backdrop for countless fun, touching and unique events, and we’d love for you and your guests to enjoy it for yourselves. 

On top of being a great place for lovely memories, we’re also thrilled to cater to everyday cravings. Our cafe is perfect for having a casual and delicious time with close friends and family.

If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to call us on 09 416-7369.

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